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Contact Lenses

For your convenience- you can ORDER by Phone, Email, or Online and we can ship your contact lenses directly to your house!!

Most of our contact lens supply pricing is less than online purchasing and we only use regulated suppliers so you know the contact lenses you receive are safe.

We now have new breathable one-day contact lenses with a much higher water content that improves comfort dramatically in previous dry eye patients.

We have Mail-In Rebate programs on-going for Alcon/Cibavision and Acuvue products – savings from $35-$150 per annual supply.
* Contact Lenses can only be ordered with a valid prescription*
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About In Sight Vision Centre

As an Optometrist, Dr. Mayo can examine, diagnose and manage eye diseases and disorders of the visual system. Treatment may include corrective lenses, medication or a referral to another specialist. A Doctor of Optometry is the best choice to conduct a thorough eye exam. This includes a glasses refraction, eye pressure testing for glaucoma, and an evaluation of the external and internal structures of the eye. Optometrists evaluate your visual function to determine how your eyes are positioned and working when you are doing near or distant tasks. They also evaluate the visual development of the eyes in a child with a dilated eye exam that allows objective testing for refractive error (the need for a glasses prescription.) We are still taking new patients and are available Tuesday through Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-1pm for your convenience. We offer eye exams, contact lens fitting/sales, children’s vision therapy (including a separate consultation with a pediatric occupational therapist if necessary), annual diabetic eye exams, low vision exams, motor vehicle testing and RCMP/RNC/Occupational testing.

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